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Your View of Life

Windows are the eyes of your home. They have an ability to capture the outside world and make it part of your home, transforming any room. In our years of experience at Magnolia Home Xperts, we have seen dark and solemn rooms turn into a family’s favorite place just by changing a window. Additionally, a window has the power to make a room feel more spacious, to make your study more inspiring, and to make a living room a happier more vibrant place. The large impact that changing a window can have on your home means it is a cost effective way to “remodel” any room by changing its character.

Pictured above: A bright and inviting living room environment is created with natural light!

Why Customer Choose Us

We offer high quality custom windows and doors, allowing for a design that fits your specific needs. By customizing a window to fit your needs, it allows us to bring you peace of mind. Once we have met and designed the perfect window for you, we will give you a play by play of the entire process so that you are never guessing what comes next. Our customers often choose us once they can see our expertise in windows and doors and their power to change the feel or look of any room. For example, when considering the size and type of window, we often first look at where the sun sets and rises in relation to your home and what activities do you plan for this room. These simple facts greatly affect what types of windows should be used and where they should be located.

What Makes Our Windows One of a Kind

We use top of the line P-tek windows which come thermofused, meaning that you they are more resistant to temperature changes, allowing better energy efficiency and an average saving of 10-25% on A/C costs every year.

Our insulated windows means that moisture does not seep in, preventing rust to the window, damage to your walls and mold from building up. Additionally, this also acts as acoustic insulation, providing you with more privacy and better sleep at home.

Our windows have a lifetime warranty from rusting, chipping, cracking, or breaking under normal operating conditions.

Pictured above is a bay window. Bay windows often become the focal point of a room where you can relax and read a book, or simply observe the outside. Additionally, these windows give negative space that can become a perfect place to add cabinets, providing a perfect place for some extra storage.